Kenneth J. Proudman, Barrister & Solicitor

Ken Proudman is a partner and experienced family law lawyer at BARR LLP, located in Edmonton, Alberta.  His practice focuses primarily upon divorces, separations, and other family law matters involving businesses, farms, self-employment, professional corps, complex property, or tax implications.  He also prepares pre-nuptial agreements.

Ken is also an arbitrator and mediator. Arbitraton is private court, where spouses agree on an arbitrator who will decide how their property, support, and/or parenting disputes are resolved. In mediation, a neutral person (the mediator) helps spouses come to a mutual agreement. Learn more about arbitration in family law at

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Ken's strengths:

  1. Negotiation skill: Ken is an experienced and highly-trained negotiator.  He completed Harvard University's Negotiation Master Class in Cambridge.
  2. Knowledgeable and trusted by the legal community: Ken regularly trains other lawyers, is the author of several manuals for lawyers, and teaches LAW599 Advanced Family Law, a course at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.  He also teaches Family Law at MacEwan University's School of Business.  He aims to build a respectful and collaborative rapport with other lawyers so that disputes can be resolved more efficiently.
  3. Business knowledge: Ken leads BARR LLP's Family Business/Farm Divorce practice group.  Prior to entering law, Ken studied at the UofA's Faculty of Business.  He initially practiced business law, agricultural law, purchases/sales of businesses, and corporate tax reorganizations at an agricultural law firm.  He is now fully-immersed in divorce and family law issues affecting businesses and farms, including family property division and self-employment income calculations for support purposes.
  4. Court experience: Ken has been involved in hundreds of court hearings, and also received additional litigation training through the Advocates' Society's Civil Trial Advocacy College.
  5. Team Approach: At BARR LLP, Ken is able to collaborate with business law, real estate, estate, and civil litigation lawyers, to be able to handle complex files which broach multiple areas of law. By being part of a team of family law lawyers, he's also able to work with associates and students to keep costs down and improve responsiveness.

Ken articled under the mentorship of Mark Tims KC, and is grateful to have also received mentorship from Norm Picard KC, Stephen English KC, Marla Miller KC, Pierre Boileau KC, and Greg Properzi.

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Ken Proudman, Lawyer


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